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Riding and Horsemanship  Lessons

Steph Laversin has been a professional coach her entire adult life. She offers both skill and experience as well as the help only available through a seasoned horseman with over 25 years as a certified trainer. Her goal is to produce competent horsemen both in and out of the saddle.She offers lessons from total beginner to advanced in both riding and horsemanship. There are wonderful horses available to learn on or you can use your own. Steph's speciality is relationship building and she has a long history of helping owners and horses build a happy and successful relationship. Our riding programs focus on correct and effective riding based on classical equitation. Out of the saddle we strive to achieve the highest standards of horsemanship. Our programs are based on Equestrian Canada's Rider Levels and in accordance Stable Management Canada. Steph certified to test for Equestrian Canada and the National Coaching Canada Programs (NCCP) for up to Rider 6.  


Intuitive Archery and Mounted Archery

FVMC  has year round lessons and clinics in horse archery as well as intuitive shooting on the ground. Packages are available to give you a great start.

Clinics and Events

Fraser Valley Mounted Combat delights in bringing unique and even prestigious learning opportunities to the Fraser Valley including Mounted Archery with the illustrious Robert Borsos as well as other events that showcase the Equestrian Arts.  Our clinics and courses are fun, educational and a great way to find a new passion in horse sports.  Check our Calendar of Events to see what is planned and what is new

Horse Training

Mounted Combat demands an obedient, agile and sensible horse with a great mind and a good heart. These are all the traits that Stephanie strives to instill in her mounts. She starts with a solid program on the ground then in the saddle in order to esablish a solid foundation so that horses can reach their full potential in and out of the saddle. Steph continues train and educate herself to find new ways to better establish positive relationships with horses. She delights in helping horses become better partners and athletes regardless of whether are being prepared for competition or for pleasure. Steph Laversin has long specialized in colt starting and helping horses become useful again after injuries or dangerous behaviours. Discovering Mounted Combat has brought even greater pupose and passion to her work as a horse trainer.


Focused primarily on the Equestrian Arts and Kassai based Horseback Archery, FVMC also offers periodic courses and clinics in other Historical Equestrian Martial Arts. Those who do not wish to ride are  welcome to come train in the intuitive archery classes that take place on the ground. 

* Steph also offers dressage for the war horse.


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